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November 6 2019

The exhibition of brilliance and young talents completed its work

On November 4th , the youngest exhibition organized by representatives of Sibexpocentre - Baikal Jewelry Salon – has been closed. Glitter, shimmering stones and luxury jewelry have earned the most enthusiastic looks. From such a variety of jewelry it was difficult to choose what kind of product to buy! The exhibition is not only the acquisition of exquisite jewelry and wonderful works, including exclusive ones, but also a rich business program from leading stone cutters and jewelers of Russia, и this is a demonstration of the «Silver Babr» contest participants works, and drawings for guests of exhibition, as well as a valuable works from meters, which are made at a very high level.


At the closing ceremony of the exhibition, the jury members of the «Silver Babr» international competition spoke with parting words. Leading jeweler of Russia (Moscow) Ilgiz Fazulzyanov: « Many thanks to all contestants for participating! I hope that next year you will surprise everyone with your new works and achievements. All those selected works and winners of this competition are the beginning of your long journey. With these prizes we mark those people who have a huge road ahead, and thanks to the community of stone cutters and jewelers, you will not be alone on this difficult road. Let's hope that the Irkutsk land will be the birthplace of all masters ».


Mr.Samorukov :

Ilgiz said that this is only the beginning of their journey, but no one lost in this competition, everyone won. And just the opportunity to present their works to such of eminent masters is already worth a lot. Let this contest flourish and young people are not afraid to participate in such events, let them be enthusiastic and don’t stop there 5.JPG

The artist-jeweler, stone-cutter, sculptor from St. Petersburg Sergey Falkin:

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of this contest, because the contest is a big celebration, and most importantly - the result of annual work. I want to wish him to gain momentum for development and become a holiday that we will all look forward to, both for participants and for craftsmen who value the works 6.JPG

Chief artist of the jewelry house Anna Nova (St. Petersburg) Robert Melnikov:

I would like to congratulate everyone on such a wonderful holiday, because the exhibition and competition is a real holiday, I agree with Sergey. There is time ahead for improvement and for the emergence of new ideas. We will really wait for everyone next year in the same lineup and hope that our circle will be replenished with a new faces 7.JPG

«Children's drawing» contest – Mr.Beloborodov: «Our creative association «Anabella» decided to join the award in the contest "Children's Drawing", and give out a special prize for the best drawing. From us is a small jewelry for the winner -child. It is very pleasing that the regions are taking part in the competition. So thank you for talented children!».

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